Alien, el octavo pasajero

Dan O'Bannon & Ronald Shusett 1979


La tripulación de la nave espacial Nostromo atiende una señal de auxilio y, sin saberlo, sube a bordo una letal forma de vida extraterrestre.


                  (project formerly titled STARBEAST)

                Story by Dan O'Bannon & Ronald Shusett

                      Screenplay by Dan O'Bannon



     En route back to Earth from a far part of the galaxy, the crew of the
     starship SNARK intercepts a transmission in an alien language,
     originating from a nearby storm-shrouded planet.

     Mankind has waited centuries to contact another form of intelligent
     life in the universe -- they decide to land and investigate.  Their
     search takes them to a wrecked alien spacecraft whose doors gape open
     -- it is dead and abandoned.  Inside they find, among other strange
     things, the skeleton of one of the unearthly space travellers.

     Certain clues in the wrecked ship lead them across the hostile surface
     of the planet to a primitive stone pyramid, the only remnant of a
     vanished civilization.  Beneath this pyramid they find an ancient tomb
     full of fantastic artifacts.  Lying dormant in the tomb are centuries-
     old spores, which are triggered into life by the men's presence.  A
     parasite emerges and fastens itself to one of the men's faces -- and
     cannot be removed.

     An examination by the ship's medical computer reveals that the
     creature has ins