Mi vida es mi vida

Carole Eastman (as Adrien Joyce) 1970

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065724/

Un joven pianista excepcional, que renunció a dedicarse profesionalmente a la música, regresa a su hogar años después para ver a su padre enfermo. Una vez allí se da cuenta de que no encaja ni con su familia de artistas ni entre sus amigos obreros.

		Five Easy Pieces


		Carole Eastman

		The Bach-Vivaldi A-Minor Concerto for Four Pianos
		PLAYS OVER a series of family album photographs.
		Written in careful penmanship beneath each are
		names identifying family members:
		1ST PHOTO: A man stands in front of the raised
		sounding board of a piano, playing the viola.
		Seated on the piano bench, accompanying him, is a
		woman in a maternity dress: 
		"Isabelle and Nicholas"
		2ND PHOTO: A boy of 11, wearing conductor's tails
		and holding a raised baton in his right hand as if
		about to gesture a downbeat:
		"Herbert Kreutzer Dupea"
		3RD PHOTO: Another boy of approximately 9, in the
		act of playing the violin:
		"Carl Fidelio Dupea"
		4TH PHOTO: The two boys are now poised behind the
		piano. Seated on its bench is a girl of 6, her
		hands resting on the keyboard. Written beneath:
		"Elizabeth Partita Dupea"
		5TH PHOTO: The above family group, seated on the
		porch of the Dupea home. All eyes but Isabelle's
		are faced toward the camera. She beams upon a 3
		year-old asleep in her arms, his head resting
		against her bosom. His figure is encircled by the
		pen's marking and preceding his name is the
		configuration of a small heart:
		"Robert Eroica Dupea"
		A 7-year-old BOBBY sits in a chair, his feet
		dangling in absent-minded rhythm to a ch