Mundo fantasma

Daniel Clowes 2001


Enid y Rebecca han terminado la escuela secundaria y no saben cómo pasar el tiempo. Atraídas por los personajes extravagantes, Enid concierta una cieta a ciegas con el autor del anuncio más lamentable de los que encuentran en el periódico local.



                                      DANIEL CLOWES


                                      TERRY ZWIGOFF



               We MOVE through the city in a series of brief shots that 
               define and establish our setting, from commercial district 
               to residential neighborhood. Eventually we find ourselves 
               moving down a street of two-story apartment buildings. Many 
               of the windows are lit from within by an EERIE BLUE LIGHT. 
               As we track past at window-level we see:

               A glum, sedated-looking COUPLE watching TV. An ignored TODDLER 
               runs amok behind them as a cheery commercial plays..

               An empty room...

               A large, hirsute MAN, wearing only Lycra jogging shorts, 
               watching the Home Shopping Network while eating mashed 
               potatoes with his fingers...

               A dazed old woman staring out the window.

               The silhouette of a TEENAGE GIRL dancing by herself.

               We enter her room and see the TV SCREEN. The source of the 
               THEME MUSIC is A VIDEO of an insane East Indian production 
               number from the 1960's. The room is cluttered with heaps of 
               clothes, ol