Vidas al límite

Paul Schrader 1999


Después de muchos años en el trabajo, un paramédico EMS inicia un descenso emocional durante un viaje de 56 horas.

                    BRINGING OUT THE DEAD

                                             First draft (11/7/97)

                                             Paul Schrader

                                             From the novel by
                                             Joseph Connelly

          After World War One it was called
          Shell Shock.

          After World War Two it was called
          Battle Fatigue.

          After Vietnam it was called
          Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

          Frank Pierce, 28, drives an EMS vehicle for
          Our Lady of Mercy Hospital, New York City.
          He has been a paramedic for five years.


     An EMS "bus" careens around a corner, tires squealing, lights
     flashing, siren whoop-whooping, swooping through Stygian
     canyons of New York.

     FRANK PIERCE, 28, drives. He wears dark cargo pants, black
     boots, a white shirt with the paramedic badge, "EMS" gold 
     logo on one collar, "OLM" on the other. "Our Lady of Mercy 
     Paramedic" is inscribed in white across the back of his
     navy jacket. On his belt: two-way radio, leather gloves,
     beeper, drug kit, multi-purpose tool kit, mini-flashlight,
     collapsible baton.

     LARRY, 35, overweight, his partner for the night, rides techie
     (shotgun), both hands clutching the dash.

     Frank scans the blurring cit